Select currency, transaction, transaction reminder

QUBE 4.0 Desktop Edition

QUBE 1.0 mobile version

Powerful trading shortcuts

F1 to F9, multi-function key combination, rich embedded functions, help you quickly obtain information and set up complex trading strategies

Account financial level security

API multi-layer encryption, only provides trading functions, uniformly closes API withdrawal permissions to ensure user asset safety and foolproof

Investment calendar

Remind users of important event dates, Bitcoin futures delivery, ETH update plan, EOS launch date, etc.

QUBE high-end institutional user version

More comprehensive information, faster speed, higher revenue, serving high-end institutional users

Directional invitation, charge fees according to investment income

  • Real-time information on global digital currency to respond to emergencies
  • A variety of automated trading strategies, one-click buying or clearing
  • Professional analysts’ research reports on market fundamentals and technical aspects