Product Problem

What to do if antivirus software such as 360 pops up warnings during installation?

Always click Allow.

Why can’t I receive the verification code after registration?

The email may have been intercepted or classified into the trash can. Please check the trash can.

How to link the exchange’s API

The QUBE terminal associated exchange interface has detailed help instructions, including how to create an exchange API and how to associate an API on QUBE.

After the new API is created on the exchange, can the old API linked to QUBE still be used?

As long as the API created in the exchange is valid and available, the creation of a new API does not affect the APIs that have been linked on the QUBE platform, and normal transactions can be performed on QUBE. If the API that has been linked to QUBE is deleted from the exchange, then normal transactions cannot be performed on QUBE.

Why the transaction records on the official website of the exchange are not displayed on QUBE

The API support synchronization mechanism of each exchange is different. Some exchanges support the synchronization of historical commissions, while some exchanges do not.

What is the difference between the “API storage method” in the terminal configuration settings stored in the cloud and locally

Local storage means that the QUBE terminal encrypts and stores the user’s API key on the user’s local computer, and the server does not save it. However, if you change your computer or reinstall it, you need to bind and
store it in the cloud again . After the API is associated, the API key is uploaded to our server and saved by the server, so that you don’t have to re-associate the API after changing the device or reinstalling the system.

The default line on QUBE, what is the function of switching to another line, and under what circumstances need to be switched

The QUBE line is a proxy server. When the default line cannot be accessed, you can try other lines one by one. Generally, after switching the line, if you can access normally, you can get the normal market data within 1 minute.

Why some currency pairs do not display prices

The exchange’s official website updated the currency pair, but it hasn’t been launched yet

Why the assets on QUBE are not exactly the same as the RMB assets valued by the exchange

The QUBE valuation method is calculated according to our own algorithm and international exchange rate. There is no unique algorithm for docking each exchange for the time being.

Business Problem

QUBE on which exchanges

Currently, QUBE can be purchased on Bit-z, Bigone, and OTCBTC. The team will continue to negotiate the new exchange.

Does QUBE have a mobile client?

Android and iPhone versions are under development, so stay tuned.

Does QUBE have a MAC version

The MAC terminal has already started coding, and the launch time is to be determined.

How many exchanges QUBE currently cooperates with

At present, 11 exchanges have been docked, including mainstream top exchanges at home and abroad, and will continue to be docked in the future.

Why can’t I search for QUBE software on authoritative software platforms, such as 360

At present, our terminal is only released on the official website, and has not been uploaded to other software application markets.