The main work this week is: improve the PC version of K-line data capture, add more time periods; design new features of QUBE4.0; fix some known bugs. Docking new exchanges to the APP version; researching and testing acceleration plans; optimizing related functions of the APP version, etc.

  • Support more time periods of 30min, 1hour, 1day, upgrade to support 5min, 10min, etc.
  • Study the feasibility of obtaining information from foreign channels by the project party, and support the project party’s Facebook and other channels.
  • The design of QUBE4.0 related functions has entered the coding stage.
  • Fix bugs related to deposit and withdrawal statistics and other exception handling.
  • Connect Poloniex and Binance exchanges to the APP.
  • Rewrite the program and combine multiple IPs to improve the problem of K-line data delay.
  • Solved the problem that the QUBE installation package failed to install with non-administrator privileges.
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