This week the QUBE team raced against time to ensure that the new version of the product can be launched smoothly. At the same time, bugs reported by users are repaired to optimize product performance. The main contents are:

  • The focus is to develop new versions of functions, continuously test product functions, build information servers, and deploy test services for information collection procedures.
  • Enhance the performance of the cache server, improve the crawler program, test and improve the official account plan, and switch to the official WeChat library.
  • Candy system design, upgrade brand-new candy function; optimize code, enhance system stability, streamline and standardize the code in each module.
  • Negotiate cooperation matters with third-party teams and institutions, discuss the specific details of the implementation of the plan, evaluate the feasibility, and further strengthen the promotion of the project. Start the “World Cup Guess Award QUBE” program; start the “QUBE Class” program.

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