The QUBE project is progressing smoothly, and the team summarizes the R&D work monthly, and conducts division of labor deployment for the next month. There are new breakthroughs in project operations, and the community further grows. The main contents are:

  • Improve the information crawler, increase the information editing function, carry out special processing on key information, and optimize the simplified information page.
  • The front-end page development of the information module, encrypted processing of image naming and de-duplication, adding popular official accounts and other content.
  • Improve the automatic upgrade function. Modify and test the online upgrade module, and deal with the problem of abnormal exit during the installation of the upgrade module.
  • The CEO and the technical team conduct community live broadcasts to communicate on issues such as product and technology implementation that the community cares about.
  • Plan activities for the Children’s Day holiday and give away sweets; community live-streaming interactive prize-winning activities, and Weibo reposting and commenting prize activities, etc.
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