Provide professional information and software for the new generation of traders

Why choose QUBE terminal?

What we stand for

Global boutique information

Exchange authority announcement, blockchain team progress, blockchain portal information, UGC content

Daily exemption from exchange login

One account can log in to multiple exchanges at the same time

Centralized management of digital assets

Automatically synchronize balances of multiple exchanges and wallets, optimize asset allocation, and increase revenue

100 levels of pending order depth

Provide 10 gears, 20 gears, 50 gears, and 100 gears of order depth

Top 10 exchanges in global trading volume

Built-in the world’s largest exchanges Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bithumb, Binance, etc.

Global exchange accelerator

5 exchange accelerators distributed all over the world, providing the fastest transaction speed for global users

Professional digital currency big data software

  • Faster and simpler transactions
  • No need to go online scientifically
  • Simple interface, user-friendly operation